A unique online training to follow at your own pace, guided by professionals

Lifetime access to courses

Pay once and embark on a lifetime of content : you will have access to unlimited video lessons, for life. And some free updates also slip in according to trends! The Academy is a formation but also a common evolution. You will meet students and trainers to discuss and start building a network in professional make-up.

A unique pedagogy

Our academy has successfully trained more than 3500 people. The founder, Laurie Feligioni, has used all her skills and methods to provide you with a fun and effective learning experience . With this training, you will be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a renowned professional makeup artist.

100% personalized

By choosing our training, you will benefit from personalized support throughout your journey. Laurie Feligioni and her experienced team will be there to guide you and help you achieve your goals. You can contact them 24/7 for quick and efficient assistance. Join our academy to develop your skills with confidence.

Are there any prerequisites?

Our academy is accessible to everyone , regardless of your makeup skill level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert , our training is designed to allow you to acquire or develop your makeup skills . Join us now to embark on an exciting career !


Our complete make-up training will allow you to receive a diploma certifying your skills . To obtain this diploma, you will have to pass a final exam consisting of a theoretical part and a practical part. This degree will open doors for you to many opportunities in the world of makeup. Join our academy to improve your skills and obtain quality certification.

Close-knit community

By joining our training, you will have access to our private Facebook group dedicated to students. This discussion space will allow you to share your achievements , ask questions about courses and exchange with other makeup enthusiasts . Benevolence and respect will be the key words of this group to allow you to learn in complete serenity. Join us and benefit from the support of the community of students and makeup professionals.

Total duration of training

Our professional makeup artist training lasts 39 hours and is made up of theoretical and practical lessons for a complete experience. For optimal learning, we advise you to work on your courses for 6 months to a year before taking your certification. You will also be able to access the lessons for life to improve your skills further.

Registration details

Joining our Academy is simple and accessible to all . All you have to do is register for our Complete Training to have access to all our online courses and our exchange group on Facebook . You will be able to discover our teaching method and benefit from the expertise of our teachers to develop your make-up skills. Don't wait any longer to embark on this exciting adventure and join our Academy today !

Exclusive content

Laurie Feligioni's trainings are unique and only available through the Academy. With over 39 hours of video lessons and detailed written materials , you'll have everything you need to become a professional makeup artist . Laurie's work methods are worthy of the greatest makeup schools , and thanks to our complete training , you will be able to integrate them into your own practice . Do not hesitate any longer and join our Academy to discover a new and superior quality training!

Teaching methods

You have access to a variety of theoretical and practical courses from the Academy, available on our online learning platform. Learning is guided by instructional videos, hands-on demonstrations, a summary of written support, and a data sheet for necessary materials. To ensure optimal follow-up, you can benefit from live support with the trainer as well as within our private Facebook group.

Educational objectives

Our makeup training offers you multiple opportunities to acquire skills. You will learn the fundamentals of make-up, master the creation of professional make-up , discover new techniques, learn to make beauty applications based on facial expression , understand the role, attitudes and qualities of a professional make-up artist , and assimilate all the skills necessary to work in the fields of beauty, fashion and events.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

The practice of make-up is accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) as long as they have valid hands. For people with disabilities, we have the means to support you or refer you to a specialized organization to discuss together the solutions adapted to your training. We are committed to providing you with the best opportunities to learn.

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Maquillage Face Painting - LAURIE FELIGIONI ACADEMIE
Face Painting Makeup
Maquillage Smoky Noir Glossé - LAURIE FELIGIONI ACADEMIE
Glossy Black Smoky Makeup
Maquillage Mode Asiatique - LAURIE FELIGIONI ACADEMIE
Asian Fashion Makeup
Mature Skin Makeup
Maquillage Graphique à Paillettes - LAURIE FELIGIONI ACADEMIE
Glitter Graphic Makeup
Maquillage Effet Peinture - LAURIE FELIGIONI ACADEMIE
Painting Effect Makeup