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L'Académie Laurie Feligioni vous propose d'offrir une Carte Cadeau du montant de votre choix. Offrez un cours ou un module de cours en particulier ou encore une participation à une inscription à une formation de Maquillage.

Quelques heures après votre achat, vous recevrez par email une carte à imprimer pour l'offrir à la personne concernée.

Plusieurs montants vous sont proposés, si vous souhaitez un montant en particulier, vous pouvez simplement nous contacter.

After many years of study and practice, Laurie Feligioni, professional make-up artist, created these make-up courses. They give access to hours of explanatory video tutorials to make you a qualified make-up thanks to its complete 39-hour training. Its programs are accessible whether you are a beginner or confirmed, you can also improve your skills thanks to the individual modules of your choice.

CHAPTER 1 (Neutral Halo and Bonus Complementary Color Halo)
– Demonstration of a form of neutral Halo and complementary color Halo makeup
– Correct imperfections with color
– Application of foundation and powder with a brush
– Contouring of the complexion with dry make-up with a bronzer
– Application of a cream highlighter with the Beauty blender
– Technique of fake freckles

CHAPTER 2 (Instagram trend makeup – Cut crease)
– Application of foundation with the Beauty blender
– Demonstration of structured eyeliner make-up (open banana)
– Doe eye eyeliner technique
– Application of a sculpting blush
– Learn how to make a matte and clean dark mouth

CHAPTER 3 (Western bride)

With the motto "A minimum of material for a maximum of rendering"
– Demonstration of a “classic” form of make-up
– The steps to follow and tips for long-lasting makeup (waterproof)
– Gradient eyeliner technique
– Application of individual false eyelashes
– Technique of a natural “ombre lips” mouth

CHAPTER 4 (Oriental Bride)
– Demonstration of a classic stretched/straight make-up shape (car eyes)
– Correct dark circles using colorimetry
– Contouring technique with greasy makeup and nose
– Application of the eyeliner on the entire eye contour as well as the rocker at the inner corner
– Sophisticated false eyelash fringe application technique

CHAPTER 5 (Lebanese Makeup)
– Demonstration of a stretched smoky with a point of light on the mobile eyelid
– Sponge foundation technique for more coverage
– Trendy eyebrow technique “browlift” effect
– Application of the "cat eyes" effect eyeliner in gradient
– Mouth contouring technique


PART 1 (Mestizo skin makeup)
– Correction of complexion with color (colorimetry)
– Demonstration of “classic” make-up in khaki color
– Technique for applying half false eyelashes
– A complete preparation of the skin upstream
– Camouflage and reduce expression wrinkles
– Correct brown spots
– Rehydrate the face for a more natural look with a precise technique
– Raise the look with “classic” eye makeup
– Know how to camouflage scars
– Correct rosacea (burst vessels)
– Remove imperfections with a minimum of material for maximum rendering

PART 2 (Ebony Skin Makeup)
– Fixed different skin tone colors to be uniform
– Know how to choose the right colors
– Cover a scar in the eyebrow
– Demonstration of an electric blue smoky


PART 1 (fan makeup)
– Correction of complexion by color (colorimetry)
– Healthy glow blush technique with cream shadows
– Restructure an eyebrow
– Demonstration of fan-shaped makeup stretched towards the outer corner of the eye
– Application of a glitter gloss on the eyes
– Clean Red Mouth Technique

PART 2 (“classic” make-up)
– Restructure the shape of a face thanks to bold eyeshadow contouring
– Creation of a false mobile eyelid with structured eye makeup

CHAPTER 8 (Mature skin rejuvenation)
– A complete preparation of the skin upstream
– Camouflage and reduce expression wrinkles
– Correct brown spots
– Rehydrate the face for a more natural look with a precise technique
– Raise the look with “classic” eye makeup

CHAPTER 9 (man beauty makeup)
– Know how to camouflage scars
– Correct rosacea (burst vessels)
– Remove imperfections with a minimum of material for maximum rendering

– Travel through the world of fashion and make-up

CHAPTER 1 (Asian fashion makeup)
– Technique of a monochrome make-up that connects the cheekbone to the eyes with a single and unique color
– A glowing but long-lasting complexion
– Technique of a graphic make-up of different shapes
– Technique of a matte and sharp red mouth

CHAPTER 2 (Pastel Makeup – Picasso)
– Trendy eyebrow technique “browlift” effect
– Application of pastel eyeshadows, knowing how to associate colors and harmonies
– Succeed in transforming a bright color into a pastel color
– Material effect with color cream for thickness and solid metal powder
– Technique of white eyeliner lines in graphic form

CHAPTER 3 (Glossy black smoky)
– Technique of fake freckles in splashes
– Demonstration of glossy black smoky makeup in mode

CHAPTER 4 (Glowy Rhinestone Makeup)
– Demonstration of “cut crease” eye makeup (open banana)
– Application of false eyelashes with fringe
– Technique of a “shadow lips” mouth
– Technique of gluing rhinestones on the face / eyes and hair

CHAPTER 5 (Painting effect Makeup)
– Paint effect / stains and splashes with different products
– Formation of black and white dots to create contrast
– Customize false eyelash break
– Material effect to create drops of gelled glitter with a specific product

CHAPTER 6 (Face Painting with complementary colors)
– Create shapes to integrate into makeup as a collage
– Water-based blusher technique
– Creation of messy stitches
– Technique for applying a burgundy mouth

CHAPTER 7 (Graphic glitter Makeup)
– Creation of geometric shapes in flat sequins
– Color correction to even out skin tone on ebony skin

– 20/30 make-up inspired by the Galliano fashion show
– Pin-up inspired 50s make-up
– Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy 60s makeup
– Colorful 80s makeup inspired by Madonna


Explanation of make-ups in theory and the usefulness of this chapter for working outside or for your personal pleasure

CHAPTER 1 (Gigi Hadid)
– Demonstration of a trendy make-up with an eyeshadow eyeliner, stretched outwards with a “cat eyes” effect
– “Glowy” make-up with a golden point of light
– Technique of a pause of individual false eyelashes
– “Ombre lips” technique for the mouth

CHAPTER 2 (Alexa Half)
– Demonstration of a trendy cabaret makeup with a flip at the inner corner of the eye
– Creation of a fake mole
– Pencil eyeliner technique

CHAPTER 3 (Kylie Jenner)
– Demonstration of makeup in complementary colors with a trendy “Cut crease” shape
– Technique of a mouth fully glossed in coral color

CHAPTER 4 (Selena Gomez)
– Demonstration of a thick black eyeliner that surrounds the entire eye with a fully glossed and glittery mobile lid
– Technique of a matte and sharp red mouth

CHAPTER 5 (Adriana Lima)
– Demonstration of thick black eyeliner at the outer corner that fades into emerald green eyeshadow
– Technique of a black eyeliner in net structure and at the bottom of the eyelashes in parallel
– Application of a completely opaque nude lip

CHAPTER 6 (Lady Gaga)
– Demonstration of extravagant makeup with different black eyeliner techniques
– Collage technique with rhinestones on the mobile eyelid
– Creation of a pair of false eyelashes with spikes and rhinestones to stick on the eyelashes

CHAPTER 7 (Lily Collins)
– Demonstration of a 1960s make-up with a solid color of purple on the mobile eyelid
– Technique of a black doe eye liner
– Break from sophisticated fringe false eyelashes
– Creation of “flies” in make-up on the complexion
– Technique of a nude mouth with erased lips effect

CHAPTER 8 (Bella Hadid)
– Demonstration of an offbeat artistic make-up
– Technique of a very clean cardboard blush
– Learn an EXCEPTIONAL make-up.

The complete training includes the 3 modules above. To finalize your complete training and obtain your diploma . You will have a practice exam where you will have to submit 5 videos of your makeup practice with a given time and the 5 finalized photos of the result of your corresponding makeup.
And a theoretical exam where you will have to answer a questionnaire on everything you have seen technically during your training.

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